Welcome message-ISR President*

By year 2018-2019, 123 years after x-ray discovery and 53 years of starting ISR, we are going to hold ICR-35 in TEHRAN, IRAN.

By specific or special Geopolitical and economical condition of the middle east and our country it is so challenging and difficult to do the best in this event but visiting friends and colleagues and listening to the speaches in the congress chambers give us determination to do very well.

Parallel to this event 17th congress of our friends in technical science cooperation will be held.
Venue of these events will be at Milad tower complex in the live weather of spring from 23rd to 26th of April 2019, “3rd to 6th of ordibehesht 1398 of Iranian calendar”.
Selected butterfly icon for this congress emblem containing MRI- tractography image for the body and digital mammography for the wings extending to follow ICR – 34’s rose flower emblem indicate free and smooth flight of the butterfly which stands for radiology, smell the best scent of the fresh flowers.

Butterflies like magpie’s love fresh weather unlikely crows that stayed in dirty cities alongside human.
Main themes of the congress are radiation protection for the safety of staff and patients through more emphasis an x-ray as a better protection, woman’s imaging because 50% of the population’s health consists of that of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, Oncology radiology for life expectancy and addressing the increased cases of cancers in developed societies due to new unknown products and stress contamination, central nervous imaging in regards to its leadership of the brain and spinal cord through the entire body and finally, future of radiology for hybrid functional, molecular complementary and specific targeted imaging.

Dr Morteza Sanei Taheri is the president of ICR-35 from Shahid Beheshti University Medical Sciences  who is an active member and a kind friend of ISR and scientific committees with a lot of good ideas.
The scientific secretary and the executive secretary are Dr Ali Hekmatnia ;ICR-34 president and professor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and the kind renowned secretary of ISR Dr Vahid Karimi.
President of 17th congress of our technical friends is Dr Mazyar Mahdavi who is an educated kind and active colleague.

I would like to thank my friend Mr. Morteza Afrah; president of IRSA for his cooperation between two associations and societies.

Parallel to the two congresses there is a large radiological instrumental exhibition leading to important scientific effects and economic benefits.

I would like to thank my friend Mr. Hosein Rezvani president of Iran Medical Engineering Companies, IMEC.Along with all members of the ISR, IRSA and IMEC, people keep our radiology flag flying.

Honorary president of ICR-35 is professor Iraj Honarbakhsh a longtime friend and high grade teacher of Shahid Beheshti medical university, ISR and Iranian radiological cooperative association “CIRAD”.
For the last two years ISR had a good cooperation with national brain mapping laboratory and we founded the first biobank in the middle east. There are good active large biobanks in USA, UK, Germany, France and another well developed countries.
In the past 2-3 years multiple educational programs have been made as symposiums and local congresses by ISR and 22 provincial radiological societies.
For us this is the beginning of de-centralization in medical societies.
Finlay we are looking for a real suitable fee for imaging services, because with present fees the future of investment in this field is in question.
I would like to say my warm welcome to our invited quests and speakers, Also all audience and congress visitors.

Jalal Jalal Shokouhi - M D
President,Iranian Society of Radiology.