Welcome message- Honorary President-ICR2019

It is quite an honor to preside the 35th Iranian Congress of Radiology(ICR2019).

This year, Due to economic issues, some of the annual Medical Congresses in Iran have been canceled; however, thanks to the help of our benefactors from the Iranian society of radiologists, we are proud to be able to hold our regular yearly congress as before.

The main focus of this congress will be on oncology as well as protection against radiation. various aspects of diagnosis and management in oncology such as The role of imaging in detection, staging and follow up of cancers are to be addressed.

We Will also cover Women and obstetrics, imaging in neuroradiology and hybrid imaging (PET CT).
It's quite apparent that never before has the role of the radiologist in detection, diagnosis and management of the patient with cancer has been so prominent. A trend that I believe will continue in the future.

On behalf of all participating radiologists in the 35th ICR I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Sanei and his team for their contributions to this congress.


Good Luck.

Iraj Honarbakhsh,MD